Pencil Holder


Ozon Design designed the pencil holder as a gift of experience, for the launch of the "Interior Design from Istanbul" book of Zoom Tpu celebrating 22nd years in the interior design field. The book is among the prestige books of Prestel Publishing.

Pencil holders, permanently and durably, are the elements that will last providing long-term use of valuable drawing materials that could not be used after shortened like special thick pen tips or even regular pencils. Making more enjoyable sketching experiences for longer periods to be used over years sustainably we designed a metal cast pencil holder that ensures durable protection and nice grib for professionals who enjoy working creatively.

There are 3 color options for the pencil holders as brass, nickel and copper.

You can buy this product very soon in Ozon Online Shop.

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Ozon Design is the furniture and accessory brand of Zoom TPU.

Ozone Design combines innovative form and material compatibility with a lean and perfectionist sense of detail. Design ergonomics aims to bring new definitions to the relationship between form and function elements.

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