Kauchi is a comfortable sofa designed to fulfill hospitality needs in healthcare facilities. Even though it is designed to be a companion pullout couch it is also a practice sleepover sofa for domestic use. The design approach mainly based on the ease and durability of the sofa. With an easy flip flop action the sofa can turn into a sleeping bed without needing any mechanism. All around soft fabric surfaces serve for the hospitality needs and gives the user sense of feeling home.

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Özge Berberoğlu Kurbak has graduated from Bachelor of Architecture program at Yıldız Technical University in 2005 and started to work at Zoom / TPU consequently. She received her MSc degree on Architectural Design at İstanbul Technical University with her dissertation “Perception, Boundary, Personal Space Concepts and Hospital Design” in 2010. During her master studies, she has attended to University of Karlsruhe for one year in conjunction with Erasmus-Socrates Scholarship Program. She followed evidence-based design approach during Zoom / TPU in more than twenty healthcare design projects. She has been working as the project coordinator of Zoom / TPU since 2012 and is currently responsible for coordination of all projects.

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