Beluga is a public bench meeting the structural requirements of a comfortable seating for two person, form and functional balances each other creating a strong and comfortable structure. Overall fluent form is made out of 12mm plywood pieces that are brought together with metal shafts. For the finishing options the pieces can be coated with any veneering or painted to required color, matte or glossy.

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Atilla Kuzu was born in 1963, Istanbul. He studied industrial design at Marmara University in 1987. He founded ZOOM TPU with Levent Çırpıcı in 1994. Same year, he was the finaslist with his design “Taklamakan” in wooden furniture design competititon organized by IFDA, Japan (Design with Love Love with Wood). He was also selected one of the best 30 designers from with his design “From Alaska to Barringer” in wood furniture design competition organised by IFDA. In 2003, Barringer was produced by Conde House. In 2010, he designed “Atilla Series” consisting of 6 products for Conde House. He was awarded the first place for his stand design for Aspen Yapı Sistemleri on “Designed to fit the purpose”.“Open” series designed by him in 2010 was awarded “Best kitchen design”. In 2011 he received “Good Design” award with his design “Angle Table” for 888 Design and selected “Designer of the year” at Edida Awards by Elle Decor Turkey. In 2011, Fluido, his design for Intema Kitchen was awarded the first prize at the Best Kitchen category at Elle Decoration International Design Awards. He still works on retail, office, conference hall, hospital, polyclinic and hotel projects as well as designs furniture for many companies.

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