Aeroplano is a pendant lamp made out of aluminium sheet.

The form is unique with the foldings on each side. From wide to short surfaces and sharp to soft radial edges, Aeroplano looks different on each side.

The aluminium sheet is a shell for the light source which is hidden inside acrylic tube where the light source can be easily renewed when needed.

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Deniz Üner completed interior design bachelor degree from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (2007) and furniture masters degree from Aalto University – Finland (2013) with her thesis “Co-Co : Design for modularity”. She had been working on practically with furnitures, experiencing hands-on design approach of furniture making in Finland. She had exhibited her works in Istanbul, Tokyo, Stockholm, Helsinki Design Fairs (2005-2012). In her design, she tries to blend minimalism with flexible and sustainable design solutions. Her approach to design is overall multifaceted and she believes in fresh insights in design with user-friendly attitude. She has been working at Zoom Tpu with Atilla Kuzu and Levent Cirpici for Ozon Design as senior designer & product design co-ordinator since 2014.

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