During the recent years, the founders of Zoom Tpu, Atilla Kuzu & Levent Cirpici had been designing interiors for nearly 20 years, sharing a mutual idea of “identical design for identical project” regarding to the furnitures and products for many interior design projects.

Over the years, product designs that are designed for specific projects been various and the need to separate product designs under a different platform became substantial. Yet old created the new with an elaborate selection. In 2014 Ozon Design is formed, a multi-faceted design studio and furniture&accessories brand for Zoom Tpu.


While Zoom Tpu tries to set and overcome new challenges for each interior design project, Ozon Design sets similar goals for itself.

The main motivation behind Ozon Design is to bring fresh insights to the field of furniture and product design.

Our challenge is to focus on what has been done before and what can be done differently in the furniture industry. We would like to address unique product designs that are inpirational, timeless and functional. Our designs focus on ergonomy with high aesthetic standarts while we challenge ourselves to question our own design habits for each piece for each project.


We believe that design processes whether interior or furniture design are not seperated from one another. Our main approach in our work is not to concentrate at one subject. We like to try new things and overcome new challenges in which we happened to grow out of them over time.

In 2005 when Zoom Tpu started designing interiors for healthcare environments, our clients has trusted us for the experience and service we have provided and we have managed to take this trust last till 2015 with our award winning projects.

Based on the kind of examples full of new experiences and 20 years of experience in the interior design field, now we would like to be open to new challenges starting with Ozon Design.